For each student alone, the thought of a crowning session at the end of the school year creates unpleasant feelings. Within a few weeks, you will have to pass all exams, give presentations, course papers, practice reports, or other written papers, and sometimes cancel your previous sessions. And, as you know, all “deadline” reaches us almost at the same time. What do you need to do to make this period less stressful? At the last minute, you will avoid falling-back work by planning time ahead. Try to stay in touch with colleagues and those who can help you with both the preparation for the exam and the writing.

The biggest mistake in such a critical time is not having a plan. From the beginning, decide when to start preparing and how long it will take to prepare for each exam. Also consider how and at what pace you will write the required works. Determine in advance whether you will have the time to do this, or you will need help. If you decide that you will need it, do not delay and contact the specialists immediately.

The most difficult situation is when writing tests must be written at the same time in preparation for the exam. If you see that you have a minimum amount of time to write a job, write it in a succinct and simple way. It is important to understand the topic well and know what you want to say. Of course, it is not easy to do this, but that is what the lecturer is demanding from you. The theory you are defending must not be exclusive or special. Clear your point of view, maintain a simple, understandable style and never be underestimated.

If you are unable to cope with wrecked writing (especially bachelor or master thesis), do not hesitate to contact for help. Of course, in the face of difficulties or any issues related to writing, we will always help you. Our team is working fast and organized. However, keep in mind that the RaĊĦ team is always busy, especially at the end of the spring semester and in September – exactly when you have to deliver your course or diploma papers. In addition, the work must be checked by our editor. So think about the limited resources of our time and ask not for the last week. Ideally, you would have applied for a master’s thesis at least a month ago (or even more) for a bachelor’s thesis – at least 3 weeks before it was delivered; leave at least 1.5 weeks for the course work. Do not forget to clearly specify the topic of the work and to draw our attention to the main requirements or recommendations of the teacher.

Not everything is done in time, sometimes the works have to be delayed in the autumn. If this happens, you should start taking care of the short reports, course papers or final bachelor papers already in the summer. Whether you are writing on your own or using our help – the analysis of scientific literature or other necessary sources takes a long time, a short process and a writing process. So, never get the job done by taking care of it before.

Do not wait for the last night before the exam when preparing for the exam or holding the debt. The fastest and most secure way to academic debt is not to get ready for the exam, and if you started preparing for it the last night, there is also a good chance that you will not be able to. In most cases, the amount of material needed to pass the exam is underestimated or too much trust is given to the information and notes from colleagues during the semester. It should not be forgotten that any study program (or individual subject) in a higher education institution consists of lectures and self-study. Thus, the probability that the lecturer prepared the exam only from the lecture material – small. And in addition to reviewing the literature quoted by the teacher, it is not enough to last the night.

Spend time on each topic. How many times did it take time to review the last exam topics, and did you write your last writing workshops? On the other hand, the first topics are excellent and the first workshops are wide-ranging and well-written. You can avoid this by highlighting priority topics. Which course topics are most important and widest? After setting them up, take them more time, because the probability that you will get such a topic is very high. Do not touch the topics you have already learned. Similarly, it is about writing work. Try to place as much attention on each of the submachines so that all the issues you develop are discussed equally.

There are cases where you need to review a lot of additional material for one subject. Social contacts can come to the aid. In this case, it is useful to form a learning group or to divide all course topics among people already in one group. Literature for each topic can be read and commented by one person; later, these synopsis are put together in a general note of the group. If you use this tip, be sure to set the time limits clearly: if possible, do this work sooner, and stay at least a week for generic conspiracy. It may happen that not all members of the group will do their part of the work, so you must have enough time to review your colleagues’ unanswered questions. If you need to keep the debt of such a thing, don’t turn to your colleagues: the course summary probably exists.

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