Final theses are quite a broad concept, because in the final thesis we can assign all the larger works, starting with the first year, ending with the doctoral studies. They usually include course papers, bachelor theses, master’s theses, doctoral theses. Although formally the final theses are those that are written in the final courses (Master’s theses, Bachelor’s theses and doctoral theses), but as a real and first graduate, he / she considers him / herself as a graduate, as it completes the academic year.

Nevertheless, the final thesis has similar requirements in principle. Only their rigor and complexity differ. In this article we will discuss how to prepare enviable master and bachelor theses.

Enviable final works: strategy development

The writing of the final thesis is essentially divided into three parts. The first and perhaps the most important part is planning. The quality of the final work will depend on how well you prepare, so be sure to give at least a week to reflect on your strategy before you start writing your final thesis. A good strategy must be that all the answers to the questions below are “Yes”:

• Is the Thesis interesting for you?

• Will the final thesis be of interest to the supervisor?

• Can you name what you will be able to say or prove in the final thesis?

• Can you write it?

Will the Thesis be interesting for you?

Very simple – if you are not interested in the final theme, you will postpone the final thesis and its writing will be just suffering for you. If you already need to write a job, why not write it on a topic that is relevant or interesting to you? Perhaps you are planning to start a business in the future – explore your future business market or opportunities. Maybe you want to work for a solid company? Explore its missing competencies and write a job in that field – after writing the final, you will become an expert in that field. If you have received an uninteresting topic, ask to change it. What is the point of writing what you will not use later?

Will the theme of the thesis be interesting for the supervisor?

Students make a mistake when choosing a handbook for the final thesis not according to their topic, but how much they like or dislike. All teachers are people. Strange? They have their own areas of interest, and some areas are of little interest to them. Therefore, when you come to a teacher with an uninteresting subject, he accepts you, but don’t expect to get much help. Students later complain that the lecturer does not help, does not look, does not provide additional literature. And where to give him, if he is not interested in the topic, has no interest, no inner stimulus, and he may not have that literature.

So, find out about the lecturer’s areas of interest – the curriculum vitae of the lecturers, which are usually uploaded on the websites of higher education institutions. Seach the teacher according to his / her interests – you will have both materials and discussions and help, as the teacher will be interested in what you write.

Can you name what you will be able to say or prove in your final thesis?

No one is interested in the final theses that do not say anything new, but talk about what is known and clear to everyone. Would you be interested to listen if someone tells you what parts of the car were made for 10 minutes, for example:

“Car bodies are usually made of metal that is painted with paint. The paint comes in yellow, red, blue, green, black, silver, orange and other colors. The car’s body can be touched because the paint sticks firmly and the metal is solid, so touching the body – it won’t hurt you… ”

90 percent the works are exactly the same. To work on something new, follow the old experience of our civilization – criticize and question current truths, especially those you have learned at university. For example, instead of acclaiming the positive aspects of pension reform, try to prove that state insurance is more useful. Or maybe some of the truths taught at a university do not apply to certain conditions? Consider this – after all, there are many unanswered questions in life, so go ahead. Finally, if you do not self-study, ask the teacher for help.

A useful final thesis will enrich you, and you will stand out during the defense. After all, the jury will be made up of people, subjective people who really do not regret the best scores for their original and original work – original finishing works, people, ideas and so on. usually appreciated simply because of their originality.

Will you be able to write it?

Finally, you must be able to write a planned final thesis. There may be various obstacles here: there may be a lack of material, arguments, your knowledge, experience, insights, so think about how much it will look like before you start work, what you write in the theory review, what – in the analysis of the situation, what you will investigate, what hypotheses (if you can find enough data and information and so on.

Enviable finishing works. Writing

Posting a job is not difficult when you know what you want to write. However, remember that teaching should be logical, consistent, and should not be thought of as jumping, or with different styles. The general rule is to simplify your writing – plan it. From the first part, this plan will be different in that in the first part you have planned what you will write and in this – how you write.

As a rule, writing a final thesis is a general rule – we first sign the content. When the content looks logical and consistent and the work supervisor approves it, we write the job. Having content for writing is easy, as doing so breaks down into pieces and you write each part separately, for example. section or subdivision.

Of course, it is important to follow the methodological requirements. But this is only a form. What is more important is the theme and idea of the work itself. When writing, try not to plagiarize the work, as universities are increasingly developing their plagiarism control systems, and even one or two copied passages can lead to a complete set-off.

Enviable finishing works. Delivery

Equally important is the presentation of the thesis. Here, as well as getting to know, making the impression the way you pay yourself. Business flourishes the one who pays for himself. Professionals earn higher salaries for those who make themselves better. Give your work a good job, and half the success – in your pocket. Good luck!

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