Under the Ocean Game Review

You can even hide items to make building your dream home easier to do, much like in photoshop. Do not worry about not being able to see anything if you layer things on the front, when you pass through them, the opacity enabling you to see character.

Build generator that is powered by the nature itself baby!

I thought this was pretty cool. You can build a generator that is powered by a windmill or water mill. Here is a screenshot of it from the official website (sorry it is small, it is the only pic I could find. I am still trying to build my own generator)

With how the build feature is, you can really manipulate how you want your house to look


Crafting  was actually the most challenging and exasperating thing to figure out for me. I guess I was just too spoiled by the conventional farm the mats, click and drag them on the craft window, and voila! new shiny items!. I knew what materials I needed in order to craft things thanks to the handy dandy recipe tab, but there were no explanation as to what to do with the mats. I tried dragging the materials onto the recipe window, that did not do anything except drop some of my materials into the ocean. So I examined the recipe tab more and saw the tools needed to craft them, so I followed my gut feeling and dragged the tools (hammer, axe, etc.) on the materials I needed to craft my desired items. Lo and behold it worked woot!!

Recipe Tab. Take note of what tool you need to drag onto the mats you need.

Put the mats by each other, drag the needed tool on them until you see craft, let go of the mouse and you should have your desired item.