Under the Ocean Game Review Part 3

I am pretty sure though, they will address this in the future. Another thing is that while I havent personally come across any bugs others have here and there (the most common seems to be that they cant cook the chicken). But being that it is still in alpha it is to be expected and the devs are working on fixing them. Do not worry, considering people are still playing through even with the bugs they got, I am assuming it is not game breaking. A guild member of mine is even trying to make his generator unique by using the physics/gravity of the game.

Is The Alpha Worth Buying?

I think the game is worth buying, as I said, I was pleasantly surprised with the game considering it is still in it is baby stage, so expect as mentioned expect bugs (my friend got a rope bug but I do not have it 😮 ). From what I was able to experience so far, I would recommend the game to my friends and I believe that even in its current state, they deserve the support. The developers are working hard on improving and adding more contents to the game from what I can gather when I spoke to one of the devs. I was also told that they are muscling through the latest 4.x version (which will hopefully kill the bugs that some people are experiencing) as well as prepping up for a big announcement. So I think we may safely say this game is just going to keep getting better.

I do not know when exactly you are reading this review so maybe the game is already fully developed and fixed all the bugs, so let me know in the comments below. Did you play it? Did you like it? What do you think about my review? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions!