Gone Home Indie Game Review

Audio and Story Progression

First, I want to mention the games progress is not really shown. Rather, it is heard. As you find notes and letters in Gone Home, you will hear Sam, who is your sister in the game, telling you the events that lead up to her disappearance. I thought this was a pretty cool way to show story progression. However, this can also be problematic. Remember earlier I mentioned, after a while, the game became laborious? Well that is because if you did not find certain notes or letters, you can be lost in the game. I actually found numerous people who claimed that they got confused and lost because they missed a chunk of the story from not finding some of the letters and notes that Sam shamelessly littered behind. So, in terms of the game being laborious, that is right, you have to search every nook and cranny if you wish to understand fully what the hell is going on in that house as well as where the heck did everyone go.

Sam you mean dude! Poor Daniel, the boy just want some luuuuv

Like I said, I checked every nook and crannies! I felt like a pervert sometimes though when I go through the clothes u.u

Music: Ah, as you go around the house, you will find cassettes here and there that you can play. You will certainly get a blast from the past with the songs that play.

Cassettes Why You So Nostalgic?!

The Story

The game’s story, as you might have already figured out, revolves around finding out what happened to your sister Sam. As you discover some of Sam’s stories, you will notice how it reflects the stories of many teenagers and even adults, not only of her time, but of this time as well. it is hard to really expand on that more because by doing so, spoilers might leak out, so well leave it at that. However, this is probably what won a lot of people, but it is a double edged sword, because of what the story unveils. Again, can’t really reveal much or even write my thoughts as to why it is a double edged sword because it will give hints. You readers are just too clever not to see.