Gone Home Indie Game Review Part 3

1: Gone Home’s story is definitely a good story, but it just gives me a sense of contentment. However, Walking dead gave me a stressful time with it is story, puzzles, and how our actions will tailor the game so I couldn’t just make decisions lightly. Visual novels, like, Moacubes Cinder, has a high replayability because of it is branching stories. Again, I was very much engaged with the game because, like walking dead, my decisions and actions affects how the story branches. Both games kept me replaying. Point and click games such as my favorite, monkey island, was able to give me a lot of puzzles along with it is engaging story line. My point is, all these story driven, wonderful games, are also staying true to being a game. They blended well. I believe this might be what people meant and why they do not consider Gone Home a game. As I said though, I do consider Gone Home a game, just like I consider visual novels a game when many others do not. Content and story wise however,I found it still lacking although it did give me the feels.

2: Now, having said all the that I did on the previous paragraph. I felt like the game was just too short and does not have enough to be worth $19.99. What I meant is, if you look at the game To The Moon, A game where I believe Gone Home would be closely similar with, it is not only way cheaper, but the story left an imprint in my heart as well as kept me engaged with how they did the puzzles and scavenger hunting to progress in the story. To this day, I still kept thinking about it from time to time. I can actually sympathize with what happened to Sam because 4 of my beloved close family members (who helped raise me when I was young) went through the same thing. So for those who played it and got angry with what I said, I am clearly not hating.

3: I believe if maybe the game followed the same structure as Telltales Walking Dead where for the price, you get the game released in chapters that can last for hours, then yes, I will say Gone Home would be worth $19.99 just as it is.

  • I just want to say however, I also understand why people are saying this game’s defining quality is that it pretty much said, screw every other typical game mechanics, were going to tell a story. However, you also have to keep in mind other games who have done the same. Point and click games, as well as visual novel games (yes yes, I know the whole otome thing, but many of them gives you a heart wrenching story, it is not all about getting the hot dude you got your eye on), tell wonderful stories as well that can even make you tear up. So in this area, for me personally, I did not find it groundbreaking, but I did find it admirable that they are taking their stand on it. Still I think they might have overcharged a bit ┬ámuch. If ever I will say the game should be $5-10 tops.

Thank You!

So there you have it! I hope this review gave you the information and perspective that will help you decide. I tried to be as fair and open minded as I can and these are just my humble beliefs. Thank you for your understanding especially if you are one of the groups that had a very strong opinion of the game, good or bad. I thank you for reading through all of these because to me it shows that you were considerate enough and open enough to listen to my outlook on the game. It was difficult for me to write this review because I do not want to sound derogatory or judgmental. I also wanted to show many perspective of the game and did not want to trample on anyone’s opinion. This was actually my most challenging review! I felt harsh on some parts, but I feel like it is my duty to write properly because otherwise, I am not giving both you, the readers, as well as the game and it is developers justice. Again, Thank you!