Gone Home Indie Game Review Part 2


Sam is one interesting character for sure. Not only does she befriends people for video games, she writes in a way where it gets her in trouble from the teachers. She seems like a brat though haha. I did enjoy Sam’s character for sure though (based on journals and letters I have found).

I found Gandalf The Grey in the library!

Final Verdict

Why I think it is best to wait until the price goes down or there is a sale before purchasing the game

it is best to break my explanation down into three parts. So bullet pointing it is!

  • Aside from the interesting way the story progresses with it is notes, letters, and voiced narration, many people might hate on me by saying this, but the game does not have anything else. do not get me wrong. If you have been reading my reviews, you know I am a strong advocate of games that tells a great story. I am a strong supporter of games with great content and quality. However, for the price, I think the game might have been overselling itself a bit.
  • Personally, I feel like this game is more of a 3D short novel than anything else. I commend them for using video games as a platform to tell their story. Now many others who think otherwise, I do consider Gone Home a video game, but I felt like it lacked many things for it to have the price it does. Especially since I beat the game in two hours. I mean just look at games that does the same such as telltales walking dead, or Moacubes visual game, Cinder. Not only are those games telling a story, but they also gave us other engaging aspects that really delivers both game ¬†and story.
  • What do I mean by the bullet point above? ¬†First keep in mind I do believe Gone Home is a game, as you read further, it will show you why other people consider it as not. However, for the same reason, the fact that I did not feel the same feelings I did when I played Gone Home, yet I felt them for the games I am using as an example, will be the reasons why Gone Home was just alright for me and why I felt that the price is too much for what I got from the game.